Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association


10.01 HEIGHT AND SIZE - No basketball goal shall have a height that exceeds the height allowed by the National Basketball Association (NBA). No basketball backboard shall exceed the maximum size allowed by the NBA. 

10.02 SUPPORTING STRUCTURE - All basketball goals shall be free standing and may not be attached to any home or other building structure. The supporting structure shall be of metal construction. To maintain the quality of the community appearance, the supporting structure shall be commercially produced. A non-commercial structure may be approved on an individual basis if the Architectural Control Committee determines that the appearance is within community standards. 

10.03 LOCATION, INCLUDING LOCATION OF PORTABLE BASKETBALL GOALS - The location of all basketball goals, whether permanent or portable in nature, must be first approved by the Architectural Control Committee ("ACC") pursuant to the procedures set forth in Section 13.03 before the same may be installed or utilized.  If Portable Basketball Goals are approved for locations other than what would be approved for permanent goals, such approval must include the requirement that they be removed and stored when the same are not being used for a period of longer than 30 minutes or Sundown, whichever first occurs, along with the identification of the locations where such Portable Basketball Goals must be stored.

At a minimum, the ACC's review of any application will take into consideration the impact of the same on adjacent properties and the game play area.  Installation on a grass or non-paved area will not be permitted if any possible damage to the groundcover will be visible to a person standing in adjacent public or private areas. 

10.04 MAINTENANCE - The basketball goal and support structure shall be maintained in accordance to Wekiva requirements as would any other exterior structure, including, but not limited to, painting, replacement of damaged or deteriorated parts, and general overall appearance. The preferred paint color for the supporting structure (non-plated areas) is black. The approval for the installation will be withdrawn and removal required if the owner or occupant fails to maintain the basketball goal or supporting structure.