Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association



12.01 IN GENERAL - The following is a list of all park and recreational areas located within the Wekiva Hunt Club Planned Unit Development: 


(1) Seminole County Park (a/k/a Tract A of FH Sec. 1) (behind York Court) (OR 1020 PG 1620) 

(2) Holderness Park (a/k/a Tract B of FH Sec. 1) (behind Bedale Court ) (OR 1020 PG 1620) 

(3) Wekiva Hills Park (a/k/a Tract C of FH Sec. 3) (on Beaufort Side) (OR 1020 PG 1620) 

(4) Wekiva Lake Park (a/k/a Tract D of FH Sec. 3) (on Berkshire Side) (OR 1020 PG 1620) 

(5) Power Line (from FH Sec. 2) (OR 1398 PG 1891) 

(6) Tract A of WH Sec. 8 (access to Duncan Park) *(OR 1439 PG 1495) 

(7) Duncan Park (behind WH Sec. 7, 8 & (but not on any plat) (OR 1261 PG 48) 

(8) Canterclub Lake Park (behind Orange County and WH Sec. 2 but not on any plat) (OR 1216 PG 329) 

(9) Tract "A" (from Wekiva Golf Villas Sec. 1) (OR 1391 PG 75) 

(10) Tract "W" Wetland Area at Hunter's Point development (between Stag Ridge Court and Habersham Drive). 


(1) Tract "A" (from WCE Sec. 8) 

(2) Tract "B" (from WCE Sec. 9) 


(1) Wekiva Elementary playing fields 


(1) Canterclub Lake Park (a/k/a Tract "A" in WOC Sec. 5) (OR 3461 PG 1426)   


(1) Tract "A" (in WOC - but dedicated by Plat to County) 

(2) Tract "E" (in WOC Sec. 2 but dedicated by Plat to County) 

12.02 PARK AND RECREATION EQUIPMENT - The following is a summary of park and recreation equipment and amenities by location: 

(1) Wekiva Hills - 2 lighted tennis courts, 2 ball diamonds with backstops and 2 benches each, 2 spring animals, 10 swings, 5 benches, 3 picnic tables, 2 bicycle racks, 2 restrooms with drinking fountain, 1 soccer goal, 5 trash containers, and 1 miracle play set with slides; 

(2) Wekiva Lake - 8 benches, 2 picnic tables, 3 trash containers, and a spray fountain in lake. 

(3) Holderness - 1 handball court, 1 full-length basketball court, 6 swings, 2 benches, 4 spring toys, 1 free-standing slide, 1 Miracle play set with 3 slides, and 3 trash containers; 

(4) York - 1 free-standing slide, 9 swings, 1 jungle gym, 1 soccer field with 2 goals, 2 benches, 2 spring animals, 1 bike rack, 2 trash containers, 1 miracle play set, 1 tire swing, and an A-B-C climber; 

(5) Duncan - 4 swings, 4 lighted tennis courts, 2 handball courts, 1 basketball court, 1 free-standing slide, 5 benches, 2 restrooms within tennis courts, 6 trash containers, 1 spring toy, and 1 miracle play set with 3 slides; 

(6) Canterclub - 6 benches, 6 swings, 1 free-standing slide, 1 Miracle play set, 1 trash container, and 2 spring animals. 


12.03 COMPOSITION AND OPERATION - The Parks Committee shall consist of a Committee Chairman appointed by the Board and such additional voting members enlisted by the Committee Chairman. In selecting voting members, the Chairman will enlist homeowners living in proximity to each designated park area and members at large to ensure diversity of representation. Park committee members will be submitted by the Committee Chairman to the Board for their final approval. Meetings will be scheduled by the Committee Chairman as necessary and not less frequently than twice yearly. Meetings will be open to attendance by any Wekiva homeowner.  

12.04 PURPOSE AND RESPONSIBILITIES - The Parks Committee shall undertake such activities as the Board may direct in regard to parks and recreation areas; review the needs and requirements of the community for recreation and their related uses of the designated parks and recreation areas; draft policy for the use of parks and recreation areas in conformity with the covenants and within the directives and guidelines as issued by the Board; schedule activities in the parks; review requirements for maintenance and for capital expenditures for park facilities and make appropriate recommendations to the Board, and provide the Board with monthly reports of actions taken by the Committee.


12.05 SCHEDULING OF ORGANIZED YOUTH BASEBALL - The following is a summary of available parks and scheduling restrictions for organized youth baseball:  

(A) Wekiva Hills Park - One 1 & 1/2 hour period per day Monday through Friday for fall and spring seasons scheduled on each field. Field "A" faces Beaufort Drive. Field "B" faces East Wekiva Trail. Age groups limited to under thirteen (13). Time: 4:00 to 6:30 p.m.;  

(B) Wekiva Elementary - Two 1 & 1/2 hour periods per day Monday through Friday for fall and spring seasons scheduled on each field. Either or both fields are subject to pre-emption by the school administrator without notice. Field "A" faces the power easement. Field "B" faces East Wekiva Trail. Age groups limited to under eleven (11). Time: 3:30 to 7:00 p.m.  

12.06 SCHEDULING OF ORGANIZED YOUTH SOCCER - The following is a summary of available parks and scheduling restrictions for organized youth soccer:  

(A) Power Easement - One 1 & 1/2 hour period per day Monday through Friday for fall and spring seasons scheduled on each of four playfields located between Essex and Holderness Drives. Field "A" located closest to the school with "B", "C" and "D" lying in order towards Essex Drive. 

(B) York Court Park - One 1 & 1/2 hour period per day Monday through Friday for fall and spring seasons scheduled on one field. 

12.07 SCHEDULING OF OTHER ORGANIZED YOUTH SPORTS - Baseball and soccer are the only scheduled organized youth sports permitted on parks and fields within Wekiva. 


(1) To be eligible for scheduling, each team requesting to bescheduled must have a coach or assistant coach who is a homeowner in Wekiva and either such coach must agree to assume responsibility for the conduct of his or her team and spectators; 

(2) No team may be scheduled for more than two (2) 1 & 1/2 hour periods per week; 

(3) Scheduling will be by lottery according to the priority of the team determined as follows: 

(a) Priority 1 - A priority 1 team is a team in which 50% or more of the team's members are Wekiva residents; 

(b) Priority 2 - A priority 2 team is a team in which less than 50% of the team's members are Wekiva residents.  

A soccer lottery will be held for the spring and fall seasons in the fall only. A baseball lottery will be held in the spring and fall. 

(4) To be considered for priority scheduling, the coach or assistant coach must be present at the scheduling meeting and must submit a request form and team roster containing each team member's name, address and birth date. The team must also submit a copy of the insurance binder for the organized league they are playing with which indicates they are carrying liability coverage in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). 

(5) A lottery shall be conducted among priority 1 teams first and scheduling shall continue until all available fields are scheduled. If fields remain unscheduled after all priority 1 teams are scheduled, a second lottery shall be held among priority 2 teams until all available fields are scheduled. If fields remain unscheduled after the scheduling lottery, the Chairman of the Parks Committee, or his or her designated representative, shall have the authority to schedule remaining fields to late applicants on a first-come basis, regardless of that team's priority; 

(6) The time, date and location of the lotteries will be posted on the entrance boards. 

12.09 SCHEDULING OF EVENTS OR ACTIVITIES OTHER THAN ORGANIZED YOUTH SPORTS - A group desiring to use a park and expecting attendance of twenty (20) persons or more, must schedule the event or activity through the Chairman of the Parks Committee. The scheduling of any such event or activity shall be governed by the following: 

(1) A group must be represented by a Wekiva homeowner who is willing to assume responsibility for the actions of the group. 

(2) Upon request, the Chairman of the Parks Committee will send a scheduling form to the homeowner or group who is requesting to schedule an activity or event. 

(3) The Chairman will present the scheduling request at the next regular Parks Committee meeting or hold a telephone vote on the request. The Committee may request the applying group to make a short presentation of their plans if they determine the impact of the event to be significant to the parks or surrounding residents. The Committee may request that the group agree, in writing, to certain conditions as a pre-requisite to approval. 

(4) The Parks Committee shall have the authority, subject to subparagraph (7) below, to deny any request for scheduling of an activity or event which the Committee believes will have an adverse impact on the parks or surrounding residential areas. 

(5) Groups approved for a scheduled activity or event may request a key to the Wekiva Hills restrooms from the Management Company. The resident must pick up the key at the Management Company's office during regular business hours and leave a $5.00 deposit which shall be refundable upon return.

(6) Because the general use of the park areas is greater on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, and because persons residing in close proximity to the park areas generally will be home and are entitled to a greater level of peace and quiet on those days, and because the use of the parks for Association sponsored events are generally held on those days, the scheduling of events or activities on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays will not be encouraged. In some instances, and on days where Association sponsored events will not use the park area in question, such events or activities may be allowed so long as the subject use will not unreasonably impact the use by the general membership and the peace and quite of the residents living close to the parks. In order to insure that the above standards will be met the chairman will give particular attention to the time of day that the use will occur along with the type of use and the number of persons involved. To the extent possible, and if the events meet the above standards, the Chairman shall encourage multiple concurrent use of the subject parks area. 

(7) All decisions of the Parks Committee may be appealed to the Board of Directors for reversal. 


12.10 PARKS RULES IN GENERAL - The use of parks and common areas within Wekiva is restricted to Wekiva residents and their guests. 

12.11 HOURS - All parks are open for use during daylight hours and close at dusk, except for the lighted tennis courts which close at 11:00 p.m. 

12.12 PARKING 


For purposes of this rule, the term "motor vehicle" shall mean any vehicle defined as such by Section 320.01, Florida Statutes.  


All persons using park facilities shall park their motor vehicles only in the designated parking areas. All persons using the Wekiva Elementary playing fields, including individuals and spectators attending activities or events scheduled at the Wekiva Elementary playing fields, shall park their vehicles in the Wekiva Elementary parking lot, not in the streets surrounding the area. 


No overnight parking will be permitted at any of the park's designated parking areas. 


The Association may enforce the terms of this rule by the use of all available legal and equitable remedies, including, but not limited to the towing of offending vehicles from the parking area.  

12.13 MOTOR VEHICLES PROHIBITED - No motor vehicles, other than maintenance vehicles, shall be permitted in any park or on any common area in Wekiva. 

12.14 NOISE AND DISTURBANCES - The use of public address systems, spotlights and whistles are prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by the Parks Committee Chairman. 

12.15 TRASH - It shall be the responsibility of all individuals and groups using the Wekiva parks to clean up and remove their trash. If it becomes necessary for the Association to clean up such trash, the cost of such clean up will be assessed to the individual failing to clean up. In the event it becomes necessary for the Association to clean up trash left in the parks by a scheduled group, the individuals who applied for scheduling shall be personally assessed the cost of such clean up. 

12.16 ANIMALS - Animals are prohibited from Wekiva parks with the exception of domestic dogs and cats, provided that such dogs and cats are kept on a leash at all times. 

12.17 PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES - Subject to the provisions contained in Chapter 4 of this Code, firearms, fireworks, bonfires, rockets, archery, aircraft, swimming, boating, golf, radio controlled aircraft or unapproved use of hot air balloons are not permitted in Wekiva parks. 

12.18 SCHEDULED TEAM SPORTS - Inviting teams not scheduled on Wekiva playing fields to scrimmage is not permitted. In addition, it is deemed to be understood by all participants in activities held at Wekiva parks that trespassing upon private property adjacent to the parks is strictly prohibited and the recovery of balls, etc. from private property shall not be attempted without receiving the permission of the property owner.  

12.19 COMMUNITY SUPPORT - In the interest of maintaining positive community support, individuals using Wekiva parks shall make every effort to minimize their impact on homeowners living adjacent to the parks and playing fields. The failure of any individual to make such effort shall be deemed a violation of this Code. 


On January 15, 1996 at the monthly Board of Directors meeting the Board approved the following rules governing the use of Tennis Courts: 


Courts may only be used by those persons who purchase tennis court keys (key holder), and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by the key holder at all times. Keys may be purchased through the management company. 

Proper tennis footwear must be worn on the courts. 

Please limit play to 1 hour for singles play and 1 1/2 hours for doubles play. 

Absolutely no skates, skateboards or bicycles will be permitted on the courts. The courts must be used for tennis games only. Key holders are asked to report any violations to the management company. 

Vandals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.