Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association


24.01      GENERAL STATEMENT: Article VIII, General Restrictions:

 Section 22: Other Restrictions.  The Architectural Control Committee shall have the authority, from time to time, to include within its promulgated Residential Planning Criteria other restrictions, as it shall deem appropriate. The following rules shall apply to “Decorative Driveway Finishes” located in Wekiva.


                        The Association hereby declares that:

·         Brick/Brick Pavers

·         Stamped concrete

·         Acrylic Applications

·         Exposed Aggregate

·         Colored Concrete


may be used for decorative driveway finishes subject to the approval of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  The ACC requires a sample of the decorative driveway finish to be used to insure that a consistent and harmonious scheme of colors exist in Wekiva.  Where more than one color or variation of color is planned, the ACC application must also include the location where each specific color or variation of color will be used.  The ACC will review the same and will only approve the color if the same is in harmony with the overall, general and existing scheme of exterior colors in Wekiva.  All other paints or driveway material are strictly prohibited and finishes noted above must be maintained in an aesthetically pleasing manner, whereby any discoloration, chipping, peeling or fading must be prohibited.


Property owners installing driveway finishes subject to Section 24.01 without   

ACC approval will be subject to the following:

·         Owner will be required to obtain ACC approval

·         If within the ACC review process, the installed driveway finishes are found not to be in compliance; such finishes shall be fully removed at property owner’s expense and replaced with permitted finishes as outlined in this Chapter within sixty (60) days of the ACC’s findings, or as directed by the ACC.


Notwithstanding the above, the Association may utilize any other enforcement tool permitted by the Governing Documents or by Florida law.