Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association


The following rules shall apply to the keeping of a dog or other permitted pets in Wekiva: 

25.01        The Wekiva Declaration provides as follows: 

Article VIII, Section 5, Animals:  No animals, fowl or reptiles shall be kept on or in Lots, or on the Properties or additions to the Properties except for caged birds kept as pets & domestic dogs & cats.  Provided that such dogs and cats shall not be allowed off the premises of owner’s site except on a leash.  In no event shall such pets be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose. 

Article VIII, Section 13, Offensive Activity: States that “all domestic animals shall either be kept on a leash or kept within an enclosed area”.

25.02        The following rule shall apply: 

The keeping of a dog or other permitted pet in Wekiva is a conditional license. This conditional license is subject to termination at any time by the Association upon finding that a dog or other pet is vicious, is annoying to other residents, or has in any way become a nuisance.  The owner of a pet assumes liability for all damage to persons or property caused by the pet or resulting from its presence on the Property.  A dog must be kept on a leash at all times when outside an enclosed area.