Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association


  8.01 PROHIBITED VEHICLES - The parking of the following types of vehicles is strictly prohibited at anytime on lots, driveways, or any streets (public or private) within Wekiva: 

(1) Recreational vehicle-type units as defined by Florida Statutes Section 320.01(1)(b), (1997) including but not limited to, travel trailers, camping trailers, truck campers, motor homes, and park trailers. 

(2) Mobile homes as defined by Florida statutes Section 320.01(2)(a),(1997). 

(3) Trailers as defined by Florida Statutes Section 320.01(4), (1997). 

(4) Semi-trailers as defined by Florida Statutes Section 320.01(5), (1997). 

(5) Truck tractors as defined by Florida Statutes Section 320.01(11), (1997). 

(6) Any vehicle as defined by Florida Statutes Section 320.01(1), (1997), which bears or contains commercial information or commercial advertising on the exterior surface, or which information or advertising can be seen and read from the interior, provided, that this provision shall not be construed to prohibit the following kinds of commercial information or advertising: 

a. A “For Sale” sign for one vehicle itself, or 

b. Commercial information which identifies the make and model of the vehicle or the name and location of the vehicle dealer. 

(7) Any vehicle as defined by Florida Statute Section 320.01(1), (1997), to which has been added a cabinet box, a platform, a rack or other equipment for the purpose of carrying goods or equipment other than the personal effects of the passengers. 

8.02 MOTOR VEHICLE DEFINED FOR FOLLOWING SECTIONS - For purposes of the following sections, the term “Motor vehicle” shall mean any vehicle which has four (4) or more wheels and which is of a type subject to being titled by the State of Florida, regardless of whether said vehicle is actually titled in Florida. 

8.03 PARKING/NUMBER OF VEHICLES - there shall not be parked upon any residential lot, or public street within Wekiva, more than the following number of motor vehicles (as defined in 8.02) at any one time attributable to any one lot upon which sits a detached single family home which has at least one two-car garage unless the vehicle is parked within a totally enclosed structure: 

(1) Two (2) motor vehicles per single family home, plus one (1) additional motor vehicle for every bedroom located within said single family home. 

8.04 PARKING ON GRASS, ETC. - There will be no parking of motor vehicles (as defined in 8.02) on any area of the lot except areas paved for that purpose.

8.05 REPAIR ON MOTOR VEHICLE PROHIBITED - There shall be no major repair performed on any motor vehicle (as defined in 8.02) on or adjacent to any lot in Wekiva or on the driveways or streets (public or private) in Wekiva. 


(A) Sections 8.01, 8.03 and 8.04 shall not apply to short term parking of vehicles defined therein belonging to bona fide visitors, guests, invitees, or vehicles belonging to service or delivery companies. In addition, Section 8.04 shall not apply to the circumstances when vehicles are being washed. 

(B) Nothing in this Chapter 8 shall be construed to prohibit bona fide loading and unlading of goods from a motor vehicle during daylight hours. 

(C) Those vehicles defined in Section 8.01(1) above may be parked on an individual’s premises as long as the vehicle is parked completely within an enclosed structure or completely located behind a six (6) foot high fence in an area to the rear of a line parallel to the front wall of the dwelling, so that no side of the vehicle is visible.