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Wekiva Bears


We have had several "bear sightings" lately.  If you see a bear in your community, here are some helpful safety tips.

Remain calm and stay away from the bear.  The mere presence of a black bear does not necessarily represent a problem.  The bear is most likely passing through and, if it doesn’t find food, will simply move on. 

Bears usually avoid people but garbage or pet food left outside can easily draw bears to your home.  Once bears get hooked on human food sources, they keep coming back.  It is this access to non-natural foods that can lead to dangerous situations for people, their property and the bears.  These bears may have to be destroyed if the problem persists. 

· Remain standing upright
 Avoid direct eye contact
 Back up slowly and speak in a calm, assertive, assuring voice
 Make sure the bear has an escape route
 Do NOT run from the bear 

 Do not feed the bear
 Never approach the bear
 Leave the area if you are blocking a food source or travel corridor
 Keep your eyes on the bear
 If the bear is not aware of you, leave the area 

If you experience bear problems, please contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife office at (352) 732-1225 or 888-404-3922.

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FL Fish and Wildlife - The Florida Black Bear

For information on Bear-Proof Garbage Containers, click here

Support our County Commissioner, Lee Constantine, who has proposed Affordable Bear Resistant Trash Cans by signing the petition on this link:
Seminole County Commissioners: Affordable Bear Resistant Trash Cans for Seminole County West of I-4

Bear Cooling off in Pool at 112 Tedworth Ct.
June 2015

Bear in Tree on Hunt Club Blvd.
January 19, 2013

Recent Sightings

11/28/11 at 7:30 pm - Cottesmore Cir.
11/28/11 at 11:30 pm - Radebaugh
11/29/11 at 7:00 am - Lyndhurst
12/10/11 and 12/11/11 - 100 Stag Ridge Ct.
12/11/11 -  Churchill Dr

1/9/12 at 10:00 pm -  269 Needles Tr.
10/11/12 at 8:00 a.m. - Bilsdale Court
7/29/13 - Cambridge Drive
7/30/13 at 11:30 pm - Essex Drive
10/14/13 at 9:00 am - Bilsdale Court
June, 2015 - Tedworth Court




Bears recently spotted on Coble Drive.  They were headed (literally, walking the trail) towards Radebaugh Drive, parallel to Canterclub Trail.

Bears recently spotted at
109 Hatfield Ct.

Bear spotted on Bilsdale Court
10/11/12 at 8:00 a.m.

And again on 10/14/13 on Bilsdale Court around 9 a.m.bearonbilsdale2bearonbilsdale1


A Different Take on the Three Bears Story line...
(Submitted 4/27/12 by Jim Bunsa, Cambridge Dr.)


Once upon a time, there was a mother bear that was looking for a relaxing place to rest from the rigors of taking care of her two cubs, so...



The hammock looked real comfortable, at first was easily managed, and while Mom got settled the cubs went exploring...




Then, Oops!
Mom took a tumble, and the frightened cubs scrambled up the tree for cover...





But Mom wasn't about to give up and again made herself comfortable in the hammock (until some golfers chased her off as they were looking for their balls).

The end.