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Changes to Codified Rules

CHAPTER 6 changes

6.05 GENERAL PROVISIONS FOR FENCES AND WALLS - In addition to the above, the following general provisions shall apply to all fences and walls:

1.  Height: No fence or wall shall exceed six (6) feet in height from the ground as measured at any point along the fence or wall.

2. Trees: No tree(s) shall be removed to accommodate a fence or wall without prior disclosure to, and approval of, the Architectural Control Committee. (See also Chapter 18)

3.  Lot Lines: No fence or wall shall be installed outside of the lot line.

4.  Fence Locations: All fences must be a minimum of three (3) feet from house side edge of trail sidewalks. All fences located along county roadways must be a minimum of twenty (20) feet from edge of road right of way, which is normally edge of sidewalk, or curbing if no sidewalks are in place.  All Fencing must have county permitting whether new or replacement.

5. Fences Located Within Easements: All fences constructed on any easement, such as Sidewalk and Utility Easements must be removed and replaced at homeowners’ expense if utility designees, such as utilities or Wekiva Homeowners Association, ever require access to same. Fence approvals by the Architectural Control Committee or Variances granted by the Board of Directors do not negate this rule.

6   Swimming Pool Fencing: All swimming pool fencing must comply with Florida Statutes.

7.  Access Rights: All fences and walls shall provide access to easements.

8.  Connection to Other Fences and Walls: All fence and wall installations shall, to the extent possible, be connected to fences and walls on adjoining lots. Approval of the owner of the adjacent fence and wall may be required by the Architectural Control Committee.

9.  Front Yard Fences and Walls: Unless a variance is obtained as provided for in Chapter 16 of these codified rules no fence or wall shall extend beyond the front elevation(s) of a house located on a lot in Wekiva. For purposes of this rule, a house may have a single front elevation if it is square or rectangular in shape; or it may have multiple front elevations if the house is other than square or rectangular in shape (i.e. "L" shape). If a house is something other than square or rectangular in shape, then the fence or wall on each side of the house may not extend beyond the front elevation of that portion of the house which is closest to, and parallel to, the fence located on that side of the house. For an example of the result of this rule, see the diagram attached as Exhibit "A". For corner lots, the front of the house shall be the side of the house where the main, formal, entrance into the house is located.

Chapter 18 Changes


A.         As a condition of the granting of a permit, the applicant may be required to relocate the tree being removed to another location on the same lot or may be required to replace the tree being removed with another tree of a type listed on attached Exhibit "A".

B.         The applicant will be required to remove all tree stumps of trees measuring six inches (6”) or more in diameter at ground level to a minimum of two inches (2”) below final ground surface.  Bare areas shall be covered by appropriate materials in order to match existing ground cover.

Bear-Resistant Refuse Containers
For Information and an Application for 64-Gallon Bear Resistant Refuse Containers please click on the links below.

 2017 Application                     2017 Guidelines on Grant-Funded Discounts




Interested in Florida Friendly Landscaping?
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Additions to the Codified rules effective August 27, 2015 as approved by the Board of Directors at the August 27, 2015 Board Meeting:


No new or replacement mailbox receptacle shall be constructed without the written approval of the Architectural Control Committee.  A picture of the proposed box construction will be submitted along with the proper ACC form prior to replacement.  The mailbox container must be approved by the Postmaster General guidelines as to height, size, quality and strength.  Mailbox design must be in harmony as stated in Article V of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.  It is strongly recommended for safety and security reasons, that house numbers be placed on all mailboxes or visible on the front elevation of all homes.


 Wekiva Missing Pets

Chuck O'Neal, a Wekiva resident, has created a facebook account for the explicit use of locating and returning missing pets in Wekiva.

It's called "Wekiva Missing Pets"

If your pet gets loose in Wekiva, please post their photo, description, area last seen and phone number to contact when spotted.  If you find a loose pet, post the same with your contact information.  Others who subscribe to the page and live in or near Wekiva should be on the lookout for the missing pets.

Please add your friends around Wekiva to the group.  This system works best when as many people as possible are in the loop.

  Don't Get Locked Out...

The locks at the tennis courts were change in March, 2016.  New keys are available at the association office.  Please stop by the office to pick up your new key!  Not a tennis member and want to be?  It's easy - stop by the office, fill out a form, pay the annual fee of $50 and get a key.

Please notify the Association Office of a change of address.