Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association



:  The ACC is responsible for approving paint colors, fences, and other home improvements as deemed necessary by the codified rules 

COVENANT ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE:  The CEC is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors whether to impose a fine to a homeowner violating the codified rules.  

COVENANT COMPLIANCE COMMITTEE:  The CCC conducts hearing from time to time as deemed necessary to determine if fines should imposed on homeowners as they pertain to violations submitted by the CEC and approved by the Board.  

WELCOME TEAM:  The Welcome Team is responsible for meeting and greeting new residents to Wekiva. 

WEKIVA YARD OF DISTINCTION COMMITTEE:  The Wekiva Yard of Distinction Committee is comprised of a group of homeowners dedicated to select homes/yards in the community that meet or exceed Wekiva’s standard home and landscaping care. 


If you are interested in joining a committee,
please call Christine Cary,
Association Manager,
at 407 774-6111
for more information