Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association

 Neighborly Notes

If you are looking for some helpful information for planting the "right plant" in the "right place", please check out this article provided by Tru-Green and written by University of Florida:

"Right Plant, Right Place:
The Art and Science of Landscape Design -
Plant Selection and Siting"

Neighborly Notes

Talking Trash
Garbage cans and trash cans should be stored out of view...either in your garage or behind a 36" high decorative structure or landscaping material.

Commercial Vehicles, Trailers and Boats ...OH MY!
We are noticing more and more of these vehicles parked all over Wekiva!  The RULE IS they are not allowed to be parked in your driveways or on the streets in Wekiva.  Please... either put them in your garage or remove them from Wekiva.  Your neighbors will thank you!

Special Pick Up
For large items (i.e. stoves, refrigerators, etc...Call Advanced Disposal for a SPECIAL PICKUP:  (800) 348-4701.  When cleaning up your yard and cutting back damaged plants from the freeze and putting it curb side for pick up... remember the trash company will only pick up 10 bags!

Mail Request
Please do not place your garbage cans in front of your mailbox.  The postal carrier will not deliver your mail.

Free Notary Services
Christine Cary, our Community Association Manager, and Pat Conn, her Assistant are Notary Publics and can provide this service to Wekiva homeowners.  Please call before coming to the Association office.

Wekiva Wear & Gear
Wekiva t-shirts & license plates are available at the Association office.  Stop in and get yours today.  They make great gifts!

Lost & Found
Have you left something behind at one of the parks or lost an item along the bike paths?  Call the Association office to see if it's been found!


If you would like to become more involved with your community by joining one of the various committees in Wekiva please contact the committee chairperson (on the "Meet the Board" Page of this website) or the Association office at whcca@earthlink.net or

Where Are You???
Please clearly mark your house number either on the street curb, on the front of your home, or on the mailbox!  If we can't see your address, do you think the fire or police departments would be able to quickly find you in the event of an emergency?

Reminder on Parking
Residents in various areas of Wekiva have asked to place reminder in the newsletter regarding parking their vehicle in front of their neighbor’s house.  If you have multiple cars, please park them in your driveway or in front of your home.  Your neighbors will appreciate it.  And remember, do not park in front of the mailbox—you will not receive your mail.

Change of Address?
Please remember to notify the Association office in writing if your mailing address changes.  The Association makes many mailings to its members throughout the year and will use the address on record unless notified otherwise.

In The Dark?
Some of you have called in to report streetlights out around Wekiva.  Streetlights (including the lights along the bike path) are the responsibility of Duke Energy.  Call 800-228-8485 and make sure you have the tag number that is on the pole and the location.

Doggie Business
Attention dog owners:  Please make sure your pet does its "business" in the privacy of its own home and not in your neighbor's yard.  If you take Spot on a walk, please carry a plastic bag with you.
Can You Help?

The Association is still looking for volunteers for the following committees:

Interested?  Call our Property Manager, Christine Cary, if you would like to volunteer and find out more information about these committees.


As we tour the community each month to spot that “Yard of Distinction” we are looking for that well-maintained home and yard… no dead trees, no garbage cans in view, clean roof and driveway.

Nominations Needed

With so many great looking yards in Wekiva it’s getting harder for our Yards of Distinction Committee to narrow the possibilities for Yards of Distinction!  Is there a Wekiva yard that catches your eye every time you pass it?  Maybe it’s the beautiful flowers, the picture-perfect lawn or the orderly way in which everything is arranged.  If so, nominate that yard for Yard of Distinction by calling the association office at 407-774-6111 or mailing your nomination to:

197 N.  Hunt Club Blvd
Longwood, FL 32779

Nomination form

Email pic

Email Addresses
The Association Office is requesting you send us your email address to:
Please specify your name and the property address associated with your email address.  It's a great way of communicating!

Please remember to notify the Association office in writing if your mailing address changes.  The Association makes many mailings to its members throughout the year and will use the address on record unless notified otherwise.


Make a New Year's Resolution!
(No...not a new diet!)
Volunteer some time in helping Wekiva!

The Covenant Enforcement Committee is looking for a few new members to take on the task of patrolling our bike paths to see if our Wekiva residents are keeping the bike paths looking beautiful.  Do you have a bike (faster to move along the bike paths, but you could walk... remember the diet thing?) and have some time to help?  Contact Christine Cary or the chairperson of the committee and find out more about this task!

Lights Out!

If you have a pole light on the bikepolelight path behind your home or in the front of your home and notice that the light is not working, please call Duke Energy at 800-228-8485 to report the outage!  Duke Energy will come out and put in a new bulb, replace the fixture if it is broken or replace the glass if that is broken or missing.  We have received many calls about the light outage on the bike paths and that is a dangerous situation for our residents that walk the trails early in the morning or at night.  Your neighbors will thank you!

We live with Bears & Coyotes...coyote2

Don't forget... Bears & coyotes are living in our community!  Please secure your trash cans, keep your pets inside when not on a leash and be careful when walking in the community and on the bike paths!

Wekiva missing pets

Chuck O'Neal, a Wekiva resident, has created a facebook account for the explicit use of locating and returning missing pets in Wekiva.

It's called "Wekiva Missing Pets"

If your pet gets loose in Wekiva, please post their photo, description, area last seen and phone number to contact when spotted.  If you find a loose pet, post the same with your contact information.  Others who subscribe to the page and live in or near Wekiva should be on the lookout for the missing pets.

Please add your friends around Wekiva to the group.  This system works best when as many people as possible are in the loop.