Wekiva Hunt Club Community Association




Tennis Players Needed!
A group of tennis players are at Duncan Park courts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and are looking for more players to join in on the fun!  Interested? 
Email artie41@yahoo.com

Men’s doubles every
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
at Duncan Courts at 8:30 a.m.
No partner or appointment necessary.
For further information call Bob Fritz

The lights at both tennis court locations are
 controlled inside the courts by a timer. When
 playing at night, the timer should be turned to its maximum position and checked and  reset every 50 - 55 minutes. Please  turn the timer to OFF when leaving the courts to prevent using excessive  power, and please remember to close the gate.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Wekiva homeowners are invited to become tennis members. We have six courts at two locations Duncan Park and Wekiva Hills Park.  The cost of membership is $50 per household for the year.
 Call the Association office at
407-774-6111 for more information
and a tennis membership
registration form.

Don't be locked out!  

animatedkeysThe locks at the tennis courts were changed on March 1, 2017. New keys are available at the association office.  Please stop by the office to pick up your new key!  Not a tennis member and want to be—it’s easy—stop by the office, fill out a form, pay the annual fee of $50 and get a key.

Click here for tennis form

TLC Tennis in Wekiva

TLC Triese Learning Concept.  Learn the physical and mental game of tennis and build the  foundation for a life long love.  Make the first tennis experience fun and rewarding.  The Triese Learning Concept is a series of games aimed at age and ability.  It is challenging and the rewards are immediate.  

Experienced Professional Tennis Instructor, Bill Triese will use the TLC system  with each and every student.  For more information call
Bill at 352-516-6321.

Tennis Court Rules  


The Board of Directors approved the following rules governing the use of Tennis Courts:


  • Courts may only be used by those persons who purchase tennis court keys (key holder) and their guests.  Guests must be accompanied by the key holder at all times.  Keys may be purchased through the Association Office.

  • Proper tennis footwear must be worn on the courts.

  • Please limit play to 1 hour for singles play and 1 1/2 hours for doubles play.

  • Absolutely no skates, skateboards or bicycles will be permitted on the courts.

  • The courts must be used for tennis games only.

  • Key holders are asked to report any violations to the Association Office.

  • Vandals will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.